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Thread: IE7 Migration

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    Unhappy IE7 Migration

    Hi All
    I am facing this particular problem while migrating my web application from IE6 to IE7.
    Even on increasing the height in the below mentioned code, height of the form doesn't increase on IE7 whereas it increases on IE6.
    <form id="rptForm" action="Report" method="post" style="height: 250px"

    It seems to me that based on the content of the form it's taking the height and it's not depending on the hard coded value. I had read that IE6 depends on the dynamic content but not IE7. But in my case it seems it's the opposite.
    kindly guide me what shall I do. I am stuck up with this code.:(
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    I've tested this html page and it seems to be ok.

    Java Code:
    <head><title>Test Form Height</title></head>
    	<form style="height: 250px;">
    		<label for="username">Username</label>
    		<input type="text" name="username"/>

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