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    Smile Issues with comparing two generic objects

    My project is a Phonebook that is using BSTree<E>. Each node of the tree is BTNode<E>. In the main class, I replace E with Pair class, which has (String name, String number), when I define the nodes.

    I have the following comparator class to compare between 2 E types:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Comparator;
    public class BTNodeComparator<E extends Comparable<E>> implements Comparator<E>
        public int compare(final E a, final E b)
            return (a.compareTo(b));
    and I use it in BSTree<E>.

    Also, I define compareTo() method in Pair class:

    Java Code:
        public int compareTo(Pair pair)
            return name.compareTo(pair.getName());
    Now, when I run the program and it comes to the comparator, it gives me errors at the comparator because now it compares between two Pairs

    How can I solve this issue? What I want is to compare between the names of the two pairs ?

    Sorry for my bad explanation. My English is weak.


    This error what I got after insert the second node (Pair) in BST:

    Java Code:
        at Pair.compareTo( // @ return name.compareTo(pair.getName());
        at Pair.compareTo(  // @ public class Pair implements Comparable<Pair>
        at // @ return (a.compareTo(b));
        at // @ public class BTNodeComparator<E extends Comparable<E>> implements Comparator<E>
        at BSTree.insert(
        at PhoneBook.main(

    BTW, I decleared BTNodeComparator in BSTree as follows:
    Java Code:
    protected Comparator<E> c = new BTNodeComparator();
    if (, cursor.getElement()) < 0) cursor = cursor.getLeft();
    Also, I attached the .java files

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
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