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    Default Obfuscate a .class? Help please

    I've spent a lot of time developing a text adventure that connects to MySQL and has dynamic signatures and a lot more, but in the code it connects to my MySQL database and has the username and password, but I wanted to allow others to play it but I'm afraid if I allow that, some wise guy will decompile it and basically "hack" the game. How can I obfuscate a .class so people can't get the MySQL info and/or alter the game code.

    Thanks if anyone can help. Yes I've tried obfuscating it but there are a ton of errors. No it's not a .jar I just want to obfuscate a single .class.

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    i don't know what you are trying to do, obfuscating a class is something i don't know about, but you could create an external definition of the mysql connection information and don't include it directly into your code.

    You could do a injection using spring or something along those lines to provide a context for the data source to allow you to establish the connection.

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    There are obfuscators out there you could use (such as ProGuard), but I somewhat doubt they will accomplish what you this scenario you should consider having a server side tier which performs the connections, the client just interacts with that tier to send requests and receive information - in this case the username/password resides on the server and not the client.

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