I have a a PickBehavior class which takes mouse selections on a 3D model.

This class starts from my starter class.

I want to get notified whenever its updateScene method invoked (whenever user clickcs anywhere on the 3D model)

(that method gives a string to me which that writes on one of panels on startClass.)

here is the class

public PickBehavior(startesClass starter, BranchGroup branchgroup, Canvas3D canvas3d, Bounds bounds)

and this is the code where it is called
PickBehavior pickbehavior = new PickBehavior(this, scenebranchgroup, canvas, bounds, 512);

if, I connect my starterClass in this way, the job is done but the screen flashes one time and moves a little (I think every time my starterClass recreated or something)

Anybody got idea how to come over this problem ?

How can my starterClass get notified whenever this PickBehavior' method used ?

Please, if my questions is poorly understood, I can post more code.