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    Default Maze Help

    I need to create a maze with animations on it. There's a big problem....I dont know how to.....

    *Program generates a maze
    *Program solves the maze

    All I know is...

    ...Create a two dimensional array, which I already have.
    ...Algorithm to be used in the maze would be Depth First Search
    ...Use thread, still learning how to. (Advices would be much appreciated)

    Things I need to know...

    ...How to put images in the maze, for the walls. A simple line is ok
    ...How to code the depth first search
    ...Other advices you can give me

    Can anyone lend a hand on how to do this? Thanks much in advance!

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    I can't be much help, but here's a tutorial on Depth First Search.

    Best of luck, and keep us posted. I particularly find this project interesting and if I had the time I would attempt it, even though I don't know much about threading.

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