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    Default negetive hours when subtracting dates

    I am trying to find the difference between two given days in hours. For the most part it returns the correct values but when values are combination of AM and PM it returns negetive value (I am using military hours).

    Do i need to change the 24 hours to standard 12 hours to fix this issue or is there any other way to get arround it?

    DateFormat df1 = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMdd hh:mm");
    java.util.Date FTIME= df1.parse(ConvDateTime);
    java.util.Date nFTIME= df1.parse(nConvDateTime);

    Here are some date values that returns negetive
    FTIME = 20110403 08:00
    nFTIME = 20110403 12:02
    returns = -7

    FTIME = 20110404 11:30
    nFTIME = 20110404 03:30
    returns = -8

    long remainder = (( nFTIME.getTime() - FTIME.getTime() )/ (60 * 60 * 1000));


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    In the second example you are subtracting just before lunch from very early morning, so it no wonder you get a negative result.

    For the other one you might like to read the SimpleDateFormat to see how "military" hours are actually specified in the constructor. I think you are subtracting breakfast time from just past midnight: which, again, is negative.

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