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    Default Java for embedded

    Hi all I am actually new to java so I have several questions.

    I have a Marvel RD-88F282-A ARM-based board that runs linux.

    I want to install jdk6 on it.

    The first problem I encounter with that when I install jdk6 and tried run the java command I got an error:
    ./java: line 1: syntax error: "(" unexpected ?

    After that I have installed the embedded java for ARM v5 and it works.

    The same time an oracle web site says that:
    Java SE for Embedded Products - at least 70MB for Java.
    Devices having at least 70-80MB for Java can use the Standard Java SE platform products.

    I need suggests:
    What is the nature of that error?

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    Embedded Java - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    @alma - This doesn't really address the OP's question.

    @OP - perhaps you could say what command you used. And post the contents of any associated code file.

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    Maybe the OP is interested in JamVM. It is extremely small, ported to the ARM processor and quite complete.

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