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    Unhappy How to use abstract class?

    Hi, I implemented some code that has an alert class which is type of Canvas, that is like JFrame in Java and it has a keyPress method which must work different for each class that using alert class. For example the keyPress method has 2 buttons that the function of each button is different for each class! Could anyone tell me How can I implement that ?
    below is part of my code:

    public class myAlert extends Canvas implements CommandListener{
    public myAlert(int width,int height,String str,String left_str,String right_str){
    protected void paint(Graphics g) {
    g.setColor(0, 0,0);
    g.drawRoundRect(5, 180, width-10, height, 8, 8);
    g.drawRoundRect(15, 185, width-15, height-5, 7, 7);
    g.fillRoundRect(0, 180, width, height, 8, 8);
    protected void keyPressed(int keyCode)
    case -6: // select button
    //here is about my question!
    case -7: //close button
    //here is about my question!

    Public class M(){
    protected void keyPressed(int keyCode) {

    switch (state) {
    // do work for focus on the left
    if (keyCode >= KEY_NUM0 && keyCode <= KEY_NUM9 && digitsEntered < 10) {
    digits_left[digitsEntered] = (char) ('0' + (keyCode - KEY_NUM0));
    m= new myAlertw, 150,"Ok " ,"exit",”system”);
    //I want that if user click on Ok button the main page must be shown to user
    Display.getDisplay(midlet).setCurrent( m); // Midlet is a like Main class in Java
    Public class N(){
    public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d) {
    String label = c.getLabel();
    else if(label.equals("Enter")){
    m= new myAlert(w, 150,”yes”,”No”,”Print” );
    // I want here that if user clicks on yes another message be shown to user
    Display.getDisplay(midlet).setCurrent( m);

    here is part of my code! as you see in M class and N class left button's function of Alert class is diffrent from each other! Now Could any body help me?

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    Can you please use code tags?
    Unformatted code is hard to follow.

    Also, I'm not entirely clear on your question. Are you asking how to write two subclasses of myAlert, each with different keyPressed() methods?

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