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    Default Cant find myself in my companies ldap directory

    Hi All,

    I am completely new to LDAP programming via Java and have a task to check if a user id's exists in our Active Directory server.

    To get started i knew that we had another application here that did the same job so what I did was to rip the ldap code out of that application (after a de-compile).

    Here is what i have so far (Read the code from the Authenticate method...

    private void moduleInitialize() throws NamingException
    ldapContext = new InitialLdapContext(ldapEnv, null);
    userNameAttributeName = "sAMAccountName";
    firstNameAttributeName = "givenName";
    lastNameAttributeName = "sn";
    private void initializeLdapEnvironmentProperties()

    ldapEnv = new Properties();
    ldapEnv.put("java.naming.factory.initial", "com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory");
    ldapEnv.put("java.naming.provider.url", "ldap://MyIPAddr:389/");
    ldapEnv.put("", "simple");
    ldapEnv.put("", "");
    ldapEnv.put("", "CN=svc-ldapsrch-acc,OU=Service Accounts,OU=Support,DC=MyCompany,DC=internal");
    ldapEnv.put("","My Password");
    public void authenticate(String userName, String password)
    throws FailedLoginException, LoginException

    StringBuffer authenticationUserDn;
    UserSearchCriteria criteria = new UserSearchCriteria();
    NamingEnumeration namingEnum = searchForUsers(criteria);
    throw new FailedLoginException("Username: " + userName + " does not exist");
    catch(AuthenticationException ae)
    throw new LoginException("Could not bind to the LDAP directory server to perform Username/DN lookup.");
    catch(NamingException ne)
    throw new LoginException("Could not perform user name lookup because of exception: " + ne.toString());

    private NamingEnumeration searchForUsers(UserSearchCriteria criteria)
    throws NamingException

    String base = "OU=Business Units,DC=MyCompany,DC=internal";
    String filter = buildUserSearchFilter(criteria);
    SearchControls sc = new SearchControls();
    String scopeSpec = "onelevel";
    int scope;
    scope = 1;
    scope = 2;
    String MY_ATTRS[] = {
    userNameAttributeName, firstNameAttributeName, lastNameAttributeName
    return, filter, sc);

    private String buildUserSearchFilter(UserSearchCriteria criteria)

    String baseFilter = "(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)%v )";
    StringBuffer userSearchFilter = new StringBuffer();
    userSearchFilter.append("(" + userNameAttributeName + "=" + criteria.getUserName() + ")");
    if(StringUtils.isNotEmpty(criteria.getFirstName()) )
    userSearchFilter.append("(" + firstNameAttributeName + "=" + criteria.getFirstName() + ")");
    userSearchFilter.append("(" + lastNameAttributeName + "=" + criteria.getLastName() + ")");
    return StringUtils.replace(baseFilter, "%v", userSearchFilter.toString());

    I know that I have connected to the LDAP Server ok because the Instantiation of LdapInitialContext does not fail. But in the searchForUsers method when return, filter, sc); is called i cannot find my user (even though I know they exist).

    To help out, i can tell you that at this line filter is equal to (&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAcc ountName=MyUserId)).

    I've been doing some reading on LDAP and can understand most of the code, but what i don't really understand is this line and the filter string.

    Can anyone help me out please?

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    I think maybe i scared people off with that gr8 big chunk of code that I pasted in my previous post.

    Maybe I was asking the wrong question. I'll try an alternate one.

    Does anyone know a way that i can browse all the users in my ldap directory? or some sort of debugging method that could help me verify there are users i the directory or that i am looking at the right one

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