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    Default Remove macro in MS WORD

    I have a MS Word to PDF converter code but the problem is when the WORD document submitted contains macro's, it stops from processing. I check the document properties but I cannot find any macros into it. Is there a way to check the word document for processing to determine if it contains macro then removes it?

    I appreciate any help


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    Default Lost

    You are definitely lost here: this is a Java-forum, not VBA.
    I hope my fellow Java-freaks don't get mad at me, but I'll try to help anyway.
    (WARNING: my Word/VBA-experience ends in 2003).

    First: look for an other converter. A good converter shouldn't have problems with macro's but would probably ignore them.

    You don't find macro's in the document-properties but under tools-macro-macros(Alt-F8). You can also go straight to the Visual-basic-Editor(Alt-F11).
    You can delete them in the macro-popup or in the editor.
    Take care removing macro's: they are mostly stored in templates (sometimes in a document, but then it is mostly ment to be a virus and your virusscanner will protest.) (Macro's in) templates, especially can also be used by other documents (not very probable in your case if you never made macro's).

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    1) Click on "Developer" tab of your document.
    2) Click on "Macros".
    3) A popup arises with the list of macros. You can either edit / delete them.

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