Hello Java forums,
I know this isn't entirely a java issue, but I beseech you, bear with me for just one second.

A while back, I started playing Minecraft. Five months later, here I am trying to make a simple beta survival server. I've jumped through many, many hoops to try and get this to work, however, I can't seem to get it. I have created a server and have successfully had players connect to my computer, but my internet resets just seconds after they connect. Here's the error message:
-"Internalexception:Java.net.SocketException:Connec tionReset"

I would go straight to the Minecraft forums for tech support, and I have, but I've noticed there are only two kinds of people on those forums. People who sympathize with me, much because they're suffering from the same issues as I am, and those that know how to fix all of our problems, and want to, but unfortunately don't actually own keyboards.

So..I, knowing nothing about Java, except that Minecraft runs off of it, came here to ask some help, I hope I wasn't too rash with this.
Do any of you know any fixes to this?