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    Default advanced configuration of javalog using a class

    Hi everyone! :)
    I'm trying to set the java logging behaviour through a class, instead of load a .properties file.
    As the documentation says, it's doable:

    LogManager (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

    they talk about this in the preface. The problem is that I haven't understood what kind of class should be, how it should be structured and so forth... does anybody have an exmple about this? I can't find anything by googling :confused:


    I know this way it's not a best practise, but it's more for my curiosity than other, and I wanna accomplish it by following this way.

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    Handler is the class, which provides you control over logging.
    You can associate one or more handlers with one Logger instance.

    Appenders from log4j is the other option if you want to use log4j library.

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    Hey thanks for replying but it's not what I would like! I'm already using that approach and it works. But try to have a look to the link I posted before. They talk about settings what we usually set through a .properties file. But in this case through a class! That's what I want :-)

    Thanks in advance

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