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    Default Problem for iReport (Data Source )

    Hai All ,
    I am new in Jasper Report,
    now i am try to create my project report using jasper and ireport ,
    in my project i didnt use any database, i am using to store the data in text file, so I am using javabean set datasource,
    its working nice to create simple file, in a subgroup and subtotaling only
    i had a problem, It is possible to retrieve the data using query in java ,
    and how to create query in iReport using javabean set datasource,
    please reply to me,
    Thanking you,
    Ganesh Kumar

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    I think the iReport article on Creating and Designing Report Using iReport - Part 1: ASP Alliance may be helpful in this discussion.

    This popular white paper is written by a software engineer from our organization Mindfire Solutions (Offshore Software Development Company from India).

    I hope you find it useful!


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