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    Default Extend JFrame : JPanel Drawing Area

    Basically, this is for an assignment so I can't give too much coding...

    I've got a class that extends JFrame, I've inserted a JPanel into the frame and a JTextArea. I want to only be able to draw within the panel and not on the textarea aswell. Help me!! :(

    Here's some of my example coding...

    public class GUI extends JFrame {

    private JPanel panelG;

    private JTextArea fileS;

    public GUI()


    private class LinePanel extends JPanel
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
    g.drawLine(50, 70, 80, 70);




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    Assuming that panelG has been added to GUI, and that fileS has been added to panelG, and assuming panelG is a LinePanel, then it should already be doing what you said. What's not working?

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    To get better help sooner, post a SSCCE that clearly demonstrates your problem.


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