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Thread: Java HashSets

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    Default Java HashSets

    Hello Everybody,
    I am using HashSets in my program to maintain hash values.
    My problem is: it works fine when i add a value in this HashSet, it works fine but

    HashSet hsh = new HashSet();
    if((hsh.contains("John") == true)

    Here the output is Success...
    BUT when i restart this program and directly say hsh.contains("John");
    It gives me Unsuccessful as output...

    In short i want to make hashSets such that once an element is added should remain persistent... Hope you got my question...

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    Hi Sameer,

    The problem in the code is - you are not persisting the hashset after adding elements to it. So as soon as you stop the application, your whole data vanishes.

    Solution:- Persist the hashset on local file system before application quits. Then read (deserialize) the persisted file and start using it.

    May be you can use shutdown hook for serialization purpose.

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