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    Java Code: submitShortMessage(java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.TypeOfNumber,org.jsmpp.bean.NumberingPlanIndicator,java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.TypeOfNumber,org.jsmpp.bean.NumberingPlanIndicator,java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.ESMClass,byte,byte,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.RegisteredDelivery,byte,org.jsmpp.bean.DataCoding,byte,byte[],org.jsmpp.bean.OptionalParameter...) in org.jsmpp.session.SMPPSession cannot be applied to (<nulltype>,org.jsmpp.bean.TypeOfNumber,org.jsmpp.bean.NumberingPlanIndicator,java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.TypeOfNumber,org.jsmpp.bean.NumberingPlanIndicator,java.lang.String,org.jsmpp.bean.ESMClass,byte,byte,<nulltype>,<nulltype>,org.jsmpp.bean.RegisteredDelivery,byte,org.jsmpp.bean.GeneralDataCoding,byte,byte[])
                String messageId = session.submitShortMessage(null, TypeOfNumber.UNKNOWN, NumberingPlanIndicator.UNKNOWN, "", TypeOfNumber.UNKNOWN, NumberingPlanIndicator.UNKNOWN, "", new ESMClass(), (byte)0, (byte)1,  null, null, new RegisteredDelivery(SMSCDeliveryReceipt.DEFAULT), (byte)0, new GeneralDataCoding(false, true, MessageClass.CLASS1, Alphabet.ALPHA_DEFAULT), (byte)0, "jSMPP simplify SMPP on Java platform".getBytes());
    1 error

    i'm getting this error when i tried to compile this with version 1.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by uthpalaw View Post
    Java Code:
    org.jsmpp.extra.NegativeResponseException: Negative response 0000000e found
            at org.jsmpp.session.AbstractSession.validateResponse(AbstractSession.ja
    This is the exception wht i got.
    Seems this is an UNKNOW ERROR, didn't the SMSC provided all responses? Or could you find with them, in which circumstance they sent it?

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