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    Default Image Matching Using Edge Detection

    Hi to All...
    I am doing final year Mca.. and for final year project.. my topic is as title..
    I have an Image at hand..(not smiling)
    I have another two image..
    1.Bigger image containing the image at hand as a part of the image
    2.Same as the image at hand with (some modification like smiling)
    Now i want to do..check for presence in first case.. matching in second case..

    My approach:
    I will find edges for all the given images-to reduce the amount of data to check

    help me to proceed logically...
    Expecting your help..
    Thanks in advance.. :)

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    Well, the first step is to load the images in as BufferedImage types, which can be done easily using

    Then, apply an edge detection filter. In java, the best way to do that is to create a java.awt.image.Kernel that contains the edge detection coefcicients as a float[], and then create a ConvolveOp from the kernel. You call 'filter' on your ConvolveOp instance to cause filtering to occur.

    Ok, so now you have an edge detected image. Now you can apply your algorithms to perform image recognition.

    Best of luck!

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