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    Default COM port communication


    I was wondering how I would be able to communication to my Xbee RX that is using my "COM5" port on my PC. I have it plugged into my Win7 PC using a USB, and I am trying to receive this data into Java. I have it working with putty using the following parameters,

    Serial Port Settings:

    Serial Line: COM5

    Speed 57600

    Data Bits: 8

    Stop Bits: 1

    Parity: none

    Flow Control: None

    If anyone has a website of some easy apis I can use with some examples, that would be great :)

    Thanks in Advance.

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    This library is very good: RXTX: The Prescription for Transmission

    I also was using it for wireless communications, although it wasn't an XBee. It is very simple to use, just make sure all the settings are correct.

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