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    Default help ... JDBC or PHP/MySQL

    i know that this isn't the place to ask such question but i really need help !
    which is easier/simpler to connect to databases with,extract data,...etc.
    java JDBC or PHP/MySQL i'm only asking this because i'm desperatly seeking good advice.
    (thr project doesn't require a specified language, both will work!)

    (in case of PHP/MySQL, can anyone estimate how long would it take to become an good "intermediate" programmer in it)
    very sorry for the inconvinience !
    thanx for you help!

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    I did not use mysql functions of PHP but previously had a look at them. The logic is similar. I dont think one of them has muchmore pwer than the other since the base language in both of these APIs is SQL, these APIs just allows you to send sql queries over a network.

    Learning for PHP can be shorter since it is mainly a language based on functions although later it had support for objects. If the project is web based and need to be done fast, i reccomend php because for web based projects, you will need to learn other things in java in addition to the core of the language and jdbc. But all htose APIs are there for a purpose and i guess for bigger projects, Java will have lots of advantages over PHP.

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