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    Default time taken by robot.createScreenCapture

    I am taking screenshots of a rectangle using robot class.
    robot.createScreenCapture (rect);

    The time taken on windows7 is different on two differernt machines.

    MachineA (win7 64bit) - 8 core, 2.53 ghz Intel Xeon (screencapture takes 5 ms)
    MachineB (win7 - 64bit) - 8 core, 3.07 Ghz , Intel Core i7 ( (screencapture takes 20-30 ms) ------>>>>PROBLEM MACHINE

    This is a time critical program so this additional 15+ mseconds is throwing things haywire. Does anybody have a clue what could cause this delay ?

    I have tried swapping the Graphic crads but that has made no difference. UAC settings are set to minimum on both machine.

    Appreciate any pointers.

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    Forgot to mention that even on WindowsXP with MachineB configuration, I can get screencapture in less than 5 seconds.

    So, MachineB, windows 7 is the only problematic one.

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