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    Default retrivieving from oraclexe database table to data program

    i try to retrieve data from a database to my java program but the code doesn't seem to work no error but it just doesnt work

    here is the code
    try {
    String nam = jComboBox9.getSelectedItem().toString();

    st2 = con.createStatement();

    rs1 = st2.executeQuery("select * from member2 where name = "+ nam +" " );;


    } catch (SQLException ex) {
    Logger.getLogger(CPM.class.getName()).log(Level.SE VERE, null, ex);

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvelk View Post
    rs1 = st2.executeQuery("select * from member2 where name = "+ nam +" " );
    For starters, shouldn't a value be put in single quotes? having said that, it reminds me of this.

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    Debug it.
    Print out the values.

    As Jos says, I doubt that SQL will run so you ought to be getting an exception. Where it's going (are you logging to a file?) I have no idea.

    ETA: Oh yes, and this is one of the reasons for keeping display logic separate from db logic.
    Make a DAO (Data Access Object) that gets the data you want from the db and creates a List of a suitable class which it returns.
    The display can then show the data based on this list and not care where it comes from.
    In addition you'll be able to test the db logic in isolation since it won't care what's done with that data.

    Oh...and PreparedStatement.
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