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    Question add(component) gives 2 components?

    Heey all!

    I try to add one component to a arraylist. When I check the arraylist, it says there are two components in... (I also see two imgIcons)

    Java Code:
    	public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e)
    		randomBoolean = booleanGenerator.nextBoolean();
    		huidigDier = new Dier(dierSoort, 50, randomBoolean);
    		huidigDier.setBounds(e.getX(), e.getY(), 50, 50);
    Java Code:
    	public Dier (String soort, int grootte, boolean vrouwtje)
    		this.soort = soort;
    		this.grootte = grootte;
    		this.vrouwtje = vrouwtje;
    	public void maakIcoon()
    		dierIcoon = new ImageIcon(Dier.class.getResource("/pics/" + soort + ".png"));
    		imgLabel = new JLabel(dierIcoon);
    		imgLabel.setBounds(0, 0, grootte, grootte);
    Any idea's?

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    I see that your code is dynamically adding components, but it isn't clear that you are invalidating the container, so it's possible to get unexpected behavior in the GUI.

    The other possibility is that 'mouseClicked' is getting called more than once. Is 'addMouseListener' being called multiple times?

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    Eehm... well, I've got more mouseListeners (so in, and in (the upper one)). In the mouseClicked is empty, so I'm not sure if it activated the one in

    The addMouseListener is only called once...


    You are right!! I've had: public class Kooi extends Verblijf, and in the class Kooi a addMouseListener, and also in the class Verblijf...! Stupid I didn't notice...!

    Thank ya very much!
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