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    Default Opening a file

    I have a Jar file containing a class file called Loggin.class which is an applet, there is also another file called MREAManager.class

    the MREAManager.class file loads a file outside of the Jar file called "lgindt.xls" the Loggin.class calls the MREAManager's constructor which then loads the File.
    The file ("lgindt.xls") is at the same location as the Jar file. normally this would be ok and work, but it doesnt seem to find the file.

    i created an HTML file to test the applet, the applet loads fine but doesnt load the file.
    I heard i the URL class but i wasnt sure if that would work or not. if anyone has any ideas please share.
    I actually figured it out. here is the code needed

    URL url;
    URLConnection urlConn;
    InputStream dis;

    url = new URL(dir);

    urlConn = url.openConnection();

    dis = new DataInputStream(urlConn.getInputStream());
    In the code above the URL is hard-wired into the constructor method for the URL class.

    Next, create a URLConnection object named urlConnection by invoking url.openConnection(). Then, this connection is defined to be an input connection by invoking setDoInput() method of the URLConnection class. To make sure that we get a real copy of the data file and not a cached file, we also invoke setUsesCaches(false).
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