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    Default OutputStream.flush() problem

    I would like to send the same command multiple times to cmd. My source code is here:

    Java Code:
    Process process = Runtime.getRuntime ().exec ("cmd");
    OutputStream stdin = process.getOutputStream();
    for(int i=0;i<=250;i++)
    My program doesn't complete the loop. It works about 200times and hang without any error message. I can only close program by end process.

    Help me please.
    Sorry for repeating topics.
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    When you write to the output stream of a process, you are writing to the underlying pipe. That pipe has a fixed buffer size, and once the buffer fills, the write commands will block until the process you executed reads from the pipe, which it apparently doesn't.

    I'm not an expert on using "cmd", but I think if you want it to read from stdin you have to give it a switch, since the default is to just pop up a terminal window. You might try "cmd /K".

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    Todally is right; when you send "command\n" to your process it sends back something line "unrecognized command" trough one of its output steams (stdout or stderr); you don't read from that stream so it fills up and blocks when its full.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I read the stdout and stderr too. It didn't return "unrecognize command". It working properly. (My real command isn't "command". - -) My program still works properly when the loop is less than 200.

    I have tried "cmd /K" but it didn't change anything. Is there another method that can send command to cmd multiple times? or what should I do :confused:

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