Hi my name's Michele

i have a problem!

I developed simply ws with JWSDP 2.0 (jax-wsi)

I use wsimport for generate artifcats (with XAdditionalHeader), but for Method Async i don't have object for header, in other words

i have this situation

1)Proxy with call Sync ok:

public void WebMetod(Obj body,SoapAut header); // ok body and SoapAut (Header Soap)

2) Async ko:
public Response<ResponseDU>WebMetodAsync(Obj body); //ko, becausw i can't invoke web method withi Header Soap

where is SoapHeader in asynck call ???

i expected th async call:

public Response<ResponseDU>WebMetodAsync(Obj body,SoapQut header) but in Proxy this call not exist

Help me please


sorry for my Pitiful English.