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    Default creating executable with maven


    I'm trying to create an executable jar from a swing application using maven and its maven-assembly-plugin. It builds ok, I saw in the jar it packs the dependent jars, but it contains non of my own programmed classes, resulting in a classnotfound exception when double clicking on the jar.

    Can anyone help me out? Is this the easiest way for creating an excecutable for a swing application or are there better ways?

    I don't find a usable example on the internet. Does anyone has a simple example (or url)?

    the configuration I used is:


    This plugin is in the parent class containing the modules. It has 6 modules, from which the presentation module contains the main class. The other modules are dependencies of the presentation module.
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    I know,

    it's because this problem is urgent for me. I need to create an excecutable from a swing apps (maven) as soon as possible.

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