I am writing you because i need help in creating a Sahana java client from one or more WSDL to generate SOAP calls using RPC as described HERE.
I'm trying to do everything to localhost after installing the free WebService on WAMP as GUIDE but there I put the link of the same WebService online for better understanding :)
Specifically, this is one of the online WSDL WSDL LINK while access to the site just go HERE and select the first link.To access the site just use User and Pass as links above.
To create the client automatically from WSDL I tried to use:
NetBeans but it gives me problems because it tells me that the WSDL is not well-formed.
soapUI trying to download various tools including jaxws-ri, axis-1_4, Axis2-1.4.1, Apache-CXF-2.3.1 but I have not solved anything ... I always had a lot of exceptions while creating ... : S
A few days ago I managed to create a client in PHP as EXAMPLE but with some foresight in more but i need a Java Client and not a PHP Client :(
Can you help me please? It's the firs time that i try to do this and for me is very difficult.

Thanks for any help you can provide!