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    Default Java Application Freez after 10-15 minutes

    Dear All,

    I am running Java application based on java web start, i connect to online Java server, when i left the application idle for around 10-15 minutes it freez for around 1 minutes then it back to work again, i found that kaspersky antivirus anti hacker option sometimes make this problem , i added my servers IPs to kaspersky as trusted zones, but the same thing, i am running the application on windows XP and windows 7 and face the same problem, also one of my PCs has no kaspersky antivirus and has the same problem

    please if any one have an idea about this problem, because it wast my time and confused me

    Thanks to All

    Khaled Hussein

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    I am technical guy in development company and following with one of our customers about this problem.

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