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    Default hibernate criteria with relations


    I'm trying to make a criteria in hibernate or sql/hql query, but I don't succeed.
    This is the situation:
    there are 2 tables: A and B with a 1:n relationship (so A can have multiple B's).
    In B there is a foreign key to A (FK_A_ID, so with the ID of A) and a date field.

    I would like to get all ID's of A, witch have a date that is not from this year (2011).
    Example: B has 5 records :
    ID FK_A_ID date
    1 1 01-01-2011
    2 1 30-12-2010
    3 2 30-12-2010
    4 3 30-12-2010
    5 4 01-01-2010

    I would like to create a criteria (or sql/hql query) which gives me the ID's of A (or the FK_A_ID in B) for the records of B that have no date of this year.
    So in this example I would like to retrieve the FK_A_ID's 2 and 3, as A has a record in B of this year for ID's 1 and 4 of A.
    Suppose that A has no B's (and so no records in B of this year), then that ID of A should also be selected.

    Can anyone help me with this one?

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    The SQL would be:
    WHERE ( > (start of year) AND < (end of year))
    OR is null

    This should give you enough to build the criteria.

    The outer jon should give you all As, even those without a B. The WHERE clause should then give you all the ones with a that is in the current year, and the ones where is null (which will be the ones where A has no B).

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