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    Default Make a thread Serializable

    This issue is getting too old, please help me.

    I have developed a simple game in java. Everything is fine, the only problem is that when I load a previously save state of the game, It does not load properly. This is due to the Thread class is not serializable.

    Is there any way to save the state of a thread to hard disk? or any workaround?

    Please help

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    You cannot "restart" a Thread anyway so serialising it would do you no good. You need to create some "state" object and make that serialisable, then, when reloading, start a thread using this restored state (and you, of course, will have to create the code for determining what to "store" there, and how to interpret it when reloading it).

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    masijade is correct -you can store arrays of item positions, scores, etc... Load that data back in and start a new thread to pick up where the old on left off. You don't just serialize the execution state, you serialize the state of the memory. The execution state should find a stopping point before writing the save, and have the ability to start up from the same arbitrary point. You might need to change your design somewhat to accommodate this.

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