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    Default java code running 24x7

    I have a program read the data from queue and then run a stored proc to update the oracle DB(10g) This runs 24X7 and 360 days.
    Also per day It process around 150,000 transactions.
    Code work as follows.
    connect to the queue (Websphere MQ)
    connect to the data base (Oracle)
    inside a lood it read the data from queue
    and then run the stored proc to update the tables.
    then it wait in the queue until it receive next message.
    this is how it works.

    There are 7 seven programs running in the sun os. used nohup to submit the programs.

    Some time all this 7 programs get hangs, when it try to run the stored proc.

    Is there any better way to change the program logic to avoid this senario( When we kill and re-run, it works properly. Al so this happen after running 4 to 5 days.)

    Please help me.

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    hanging after time,. I think it might be possible something somewhere is not closing a jdbc connection, statement, resultset, and this is slowly exausting the resources of the database connection object, which would cause this hang experience after a while.

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