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    Question Image Processing in Java

    Hello friends, I am currently working on image processing which is part of my final year project. I want to perform detection of certain areas within image based on pixel values and make appropriate changes to images (process certain areas within images).I am using BufferedImage class for the same, but unable to perform processing such as detection of face in an image of any individual and crop the face and so on. Can someone suggest me how should i go about.:confused:

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    This rather difficult task, I think it is best to post references to your literature and where you think your code is defect.
    I'll probably not be able to help you myself, because I've never done this.
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    Image analysis is incredibly complex. You could write a thesis on this subject. I have a feeling that 90% of your time will be spent in research land, with only very little time implementing. If you understand how the analysis algorithms work, then implementing with a buffered image is trivial, as its just a 2d array of color values. Its the algorithms that are difficult, and something like face recognition might involve thousands of lines of code in and of itself. Good luck!

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