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    Default PDFBox: Problem with converting pdf page into image

    My mission is pretty simple: converting every single page of a pdf file into images. I tried using icepdf open source version to generate the images but they don't generate the image with the correct font. So I start using PDFBox instead. The code is the following:

    PDDocument document = PDDocument.load(new File("testing.pdf"));
    List pages = document.getDocumentCatalog().getAllPages(); for (int i = 0; i < pages.size(); i++) { PDPage singlePage = pages.get(i); BufferedImage buffImage = convertToImage(singlePage, 8, 12); ImageIO.write(buffImage, "png", new File(PdfUtil.DATA_OUTPUT_DIR+(count++)+".png")); }

    The font looks good, but the pictures within the pdf file look fainted out (See the attachment). I look into the source code but I still have no clue how to fix it. Do you guys have any idea what's going on? Please help. Thanks!!

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