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    Default Getting included resources while getting resource stream

    I am working on a JAXB-Webservices application. Here we have an XSLT that would format a huge XML response thus received. The base XSLT (BaseAsset.xslt) has the following line also

    <xsl:import href="./AssetUtility.xslt"/>

    I retreive the XSLT with the following java code.

    InputStream xsltStream = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(Ut il.replaceFileSeperator(fileName));
    xslStream = new StreamSource(xsltStream, (getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(Util.repl aceForwardSlash(fileName)).toExternalForm()));

    For all XSLTs that dont import other XSLTs, the application works perfectly. Only with XSLTs that include other XSLTs the getResource fails. returns null.

    I tried

    URL systemURL = getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(Util.repla ceForwardSlash(fileName));
    String SystemId = systemURL.toExternalForm();

    The systemURL is null for the cases with XSLTs that include other XSLTs.

    What is wrong with this? All I need to do is to be able to get the Stylesheet using getResource or getResourceAsStream.

    Indeed appreciate any insight into this.

    Thank you

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    This might be a kind of clunky way to do it, but would you be able to pre-fetch the XSLT file(s) into a temporary folder and then invoke the xslt processor using the path to this temporary folder.

    *create a temporary folder.
    *use the getResource(class path prefix + fileName) to get the first xslt file name.
    *save the result xslt into this temporary folder.
    *quickly 'scan' over this xslt file, for each xslt:import= (some relative url)
    * perform a fetch with getResource(class path prefix + some relative url)
    * store that into the temporary folder
    * i guess this could even be recursive, scanning for includes of includes.
    * now, invoke the xslt operation using the xslt fileName
    * remove the temporary directory

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