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    Define a class called Fraction. This class is used to represent a ratio of two integers. Include mutator functions that allow the user to set the numerator and the denominator. Also include a member function that returns the value of numerator or denominator as a double. Include an additional member function that outputs the value of the fraction reduced to lowest terms (e.g., instead of outputting 20/60 the method should output 1/3). This will require finding the greatest common divisor for the numerator and denominator, then dividing both by that number. Embed your class in a test program.

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    Thread closed as a homework dump question. 7auz, you are invited to repost your question, but please don't just dump the assignment without showing effort. Instead, please show us your work and ask a specific question. Also you'll want to use a more informative thread title, one that briefly summarizes your problem.

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