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Thread: Timestamp Issue

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    Default Timestamp Issue

    OK, this is very strange. I am trying to run the following method, and the newTimestamp is coming out with the same value as the origTimestamp when I call newTimestamp.getTime();

    Any suggestions as to why this, or how this could possibly happen.

    Even System.out statements when written in this method show that the numbers are identical.

    Any suggestions, thoughts, comments???

    Hmmm, maybe my brain is just fried from staying up too late again. Thanks.

    public Timestamp addMinutes(Timestamp origTimestamp, int minutes) {
    long t = origTimestamp.getTime();
    long m = minutes * 60 * 1000;
    Timestamp newTimestamp = new Timestamp(t + m);
    return newTimestamp;
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    Perhaps the problem is in the Timestamp class itself. You're not using any static variables in that class, are you?

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    That was strange... Just a simple reboot. Sheesh, I spent a long time trying to figure that one out. Good Grief!!! What the heck could have caused that mess?

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