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    Default Real time user update

    Need a help from gurus,

    I are going develop this web application, front end will be written in Flex, middle tier will be Spring with core java, and the DB will be oracle, We have this requirement which is say while a user is working in front end (has to be a registered user with access roles), if the db admin goes and changes the user's details (say access role) that change should be notified to the user immediately,

    I need solutions from u guys to answer this problem, dont worry about the flex part but how to do it in java of course with some built in functions with oracle?

    Your ideas are highly appreciated.

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    You can't push from a straight web app.

    If the web app makes frequent calls to the server to decide what it can and cannot do then a change of permissions shouldn't pose a problem (assuming you aren't cacheing the user data). Unless you expect the front end to suddenyl kick the user out of a screen they're already in?

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