The reason I'm posting this as expert is not because I'm an expert but because i need help from experts :)
I've been reading and searching the web for days now and I didn't have much luck.
What I'm trying to do is get data from my sound card's output.
I've alrady written the code that listens to the input line (mic) and it worked like a charm, but this time i would need to see the output data and work with it. :rolleyes:

The reason for that is, i simply don't want to use a mic. Second, i wan't to see sound data of whatever program is doing the playback.

From howers of searching the web i found some threds posted years ago and people gave up. I even heard some people say I'ts not even posible!

So, is it posible? Anyone has any experience with this kinda stuff?
Any tips how to do it?

Thanks :confused: