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    Default Using .conf file URL check in java/servlet

    Hi Friends,

    Please share code to develop Allow/Deny for specific url check.
    Requirement :
    The check for the url could be done by a service servlet/jsp . The client could send the creation url entered by the user as a Http Get/Post and then the servlet can send a response something similar to 'Security check - url failed' or 'passed' after verifying the url that has been sent.

    Also, the format of the configuration file 'test.conf' could be similar to 'httpd.conf' used in apache server.(Specify Allow/Deny for specific url patterns).


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    Default reply...


    Assuming that the user enters the URL which needs to be checked in the JSP page , the way I would be doing it is to validate the entered URL using AJAX to do the validation part.

    The URL 's can be read from the conf file using properties() method and stored in an arraylist and the arraylist can be checked for the particular URL entered. The response sent back from the validating page would depend on the URL.

    I hope this is what you have in mind.correct me if I am wrong.


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