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    Exclamation Get Keys from specified Registry folder


    I am familiar on how to use JNI on C languange.
    But is there anyone knows how to get the list of Keys present in a specified registry folder?

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    Do you know of a program that can do this and output the results to standard output? If so, then rather than do JNI, I'd call this program in Java through Runtime#exec(...) and latch onto the process's OutputStream. For instance a Windows scripting utility that I've used, AutoIt, has a method called RegEnumKey that enumerates subkeys in the registry, and then this data can be relatively easily extracted by linking into Java by way of sockets or standard input and standard output streams.

    Another possibility is to have a utility write the data into a file which is then read by your Java program.

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    If you go the route of using JNI and C, then this becomes a C problem not a Java one. Probably, though, the best place to look would be a Windows forum or its documentation.

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