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    Default Create a table with buttons and the files list of a directory.


    I have files in a directory.

    I would like to know if itís possible to create a table with the list of the files (only the name) and the data of creation? But in each line of the table, a button to open the file of this line.

    Basically, a table with 3 columns (name, date, button), and the number of rows would vary depending on the number of files in the folder.

    If itís possible, how can I do this?

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards.


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    How about understanding about the DefaultCellEditor and DefaultTableCellRenderer?
    Read more about the JTable API.
    These may guide you through.
    Every project, package, class, method, variable, syntax, algorithm, etc.
    are registered in my memory bank. Thanks to this thread.

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