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    Default Running java program with arguments in Unix"

    I am a new newbie to java so pardon if this is too simple for you .

    This is my scenario. I have a java program which parses an xml and writes a .dat file. I execute this in unix environment like this

    java testparser xml1.xml

    and it retuns me a .dat file

    But my issue is I have to run my parser program for 40 xml files. The requirement is I have to create a script file and possibly with a for loop which will loop through 1-40 xml files and return me the .dat file.

    I am really at a loss here. I am new both to Java and Unix

    So pls help me out

    Thanks in Advance

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    What about creating a text file which will have your xml files listed in separate lines. As far as i understand your problem, you can modify your program to get this .txt file as an input and loop for all these xml files to generate dat file(s).

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    You may try the following code:

    Java Code:
    public class TestParser{
    	public static void main(String[] args){
    		for(int i=0; i<Integer.parseInt(args[1]); i++)
    			File file = new File(args[0]+"/filename"+(i+1)+".xml");
    	static void doTestParser(File pFile ){
    		//do something with the xml file

    You should now execute only one time from the command line, e.g:

    />java Testparser <<file directory>> <<total file>>


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