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    Default Help with HREF Parser


    I am trying to write a java program that takes an entire webpage's html code and scans the code looking for the <a href> trags and then puts each full url in an array list...I'm able to view the page's html contents as a big string and can't figure out how to get beyond the initial first is what I have for the linkParser method:

    public static ArrayList<String> linkParser(String entirePage){
    //this method takes the html code and breaks it up by the "a href" tags and puts
    //each URL in the "links" ArrayList

    ArrayList<String> links = new ArrayList<String>();
    String fullURL = "";

    int i = entirePage.indexOf("a href")+8;
    while (entirePage.indexOf("a href")!=-1){
    while (entirePage.charAt(i)!= '>'){
    fullURL = entirePage.substring(entirePage.indexOf("a href")+8, i);





    return links;

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    why you dont use a java html parser, as for example HTML Parser - HTML Parser or jericho ?

    not tested and i`m sure that this will not match all urls (you could search for a better regex):
    Java Code:
    	public static List<String> linkParser(String entirePage) {
    		List<String> links = new ArrayList<String>();
    		Pattern p = Pattern.compile("<a.*?href=\"(.+?)\"");
    		Matcher m = p.matcher(entirePage);
    			links.add(; // get the string inside href="......" <- 
    		return links;

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