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    Exclamation Need some help in thread programming

    Please help me on this. I need to do the following:

    1) I need to execute a shell script through java program and write the output of the script to the file

    2) If the execution of the shell script takes more than 10 mins, I should kill the process. This monitoring should be done in a separate thread.

    3) Also I need to monitor the CPU/Memory of the process fives times with an interval of 10 mins, If the cpu of the process is high (>70) all the times then I need to kill the process. This should be done in a separate thread.

    As am new to threading , could someone help me on this coding ?

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    What do you mean "help me with this coding" since that's not really an answerable question? Surely you don't mean for us to either write the code for you or re-write threading tutorials that have already been written? If you have any specific questions, we'll be glad to help. Please read the 2nd link in my signature links, on how to ask smart questions.

    Much luck!

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    Read this thoroughly. It will ensure that you avoid the majority of the problems you would normally run into, and if your somewhat clever you'll pick up the clues from it needed to implement your timeout.

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