Hi guys,

I have some trouble doing a project that I was given too,
Hope you guys have some knowledge on how to do this.

I am suppose to create a java web client(J2EE) which will connect to the Video On Demand Player(using Window Media Services) and then play the media files.

The way of accessing the media files are using
mms://server_name/media_folder/abc.wmv and this media file
will be play by the embedded media player in the webpage.

The scenario is that the user will select the video to play on the VOD
player and that specific url will be push to the java web client.

This is a simple diagram to showcase what I am trying to do.

Java Web Page with Embedded Media Player
^^(Client will retrieve the url and play on the media player)
Video On Demand Player (User will select the video to play in which the url
will push to the Java web page)
Storage Area Network (Media Files)

Take note I do not need to do any streaming video player at all since media player will take care of everything.

My question is, how can I implement in a way that the java web client
can listen and retrive the url that is push to it.

Do I create a UDP/TCP listening port for retriving the URL?
or is there any other way?

I would appreciate the help. Thank you.