Ok I have created a client server communication using TCP and have just finished implementing a compression algorithim. Now I am looking into creating a user login with encryption using Vigenere cipher.
So client side I intend to encrypt the string using Vigenere cipher and simply return the encrypted string. So one method to encrypt

Server side I intend to decrypt the cipher text using Vigenere cipher and return the decrypted string. So one method to decrypt.

Encryption is new to me and cant find anything of great use in my books so have read up on Vigenere cipher on wikipedia and think I have got my head around how it works although still not 100% how to approach it.
I would ideally like to find some sort of tutorial on Vigenere cipher to help guide me or perhaps some assitance in how to structure my approach, if i can get my head around the encrpytion im sure I could work out the decrpytion from it.