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    Default Storing all file names and paths in a directory into an array

    I am trying to create a program that will grab all filenames and their paths and store them into an array. Im having trouble doing this correctly. I am also getting things such as just a folder path. I only want filenames not folder names. Here is the code I have. Any help is appreciated.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class Main {
        public static void main(String[] args) 
            Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
            String path;
            System.out.println("This is a test");
            System.out.println("Enter Directory");
            path = keyboard.nextLine();
            File musicDir = new File(path);
        // Process all files and directories under dir
        public static void visitAllDirsAndFiles(File dir) 
            if (dir.isDirectory()) 
                String[] children = dir.list();
                for (int i=0; i<children.length; i++)
                    visitAllDirsAndFiles(new File(dir, children[i])); 
                    System.out.print("\\" +children[i] + "\n");

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    Well, that code isn't storing anything.
    It's just printing out the contents of a directory, and it's sub directories recursively.

    Is it because it is printing out directories?
    If so that's because there is no check on whether children[i] is a directory.
    In fact, if you simply want the files printed I would say that should be in an else from the if (isDirectory()).

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    Why not use listFiles where you get File objects rather than Strings?

    Then you can simply use println getPath (and don't use "\\n" in a print call use println without a "\\n", "\\n" is not what you want on all systems) after checking the type.

    Edit: For God's sake see the File API docs and actually read them forgetting any preconceived notions you have about how you think this should be done.

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    You are getting file paths printed miced in to the results because you have no check around what the children[I] are. Ever child result makes the method call and prints out irrelevant if it is a directory or file.

    Put a file type check in on the children so that the method is recalled if the child is a directory and prints if it's the file type you want.

    Once you get the results you want the. Replace the print with you array add (check out java Vectors)

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