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    Default working with mp3 in java

    hi there , i am doing a project that requires me to index mp3 songs into a file and to use Javazoom codes to decodes the mp3 file via this link (MP3 library for the Java Platform)
    its called Jlayer ..

    please if anyone familiar with the javazoom codes or anyone has any general information about mp3 and how it works and what method i might need to use to get the variety of the frame length .. please help !!

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    I did not work with Mp3 files in java but here is my 2 cents:

    I guess you are a newbie in Java. If so, make sure you have enough research before selecting your mp3 library/api. I think there is lots of java mp3/id3 libraries out there. Java Zoom code looks really old (11/28/2004). I guess you can find a better library. Try reading their documents and look at their javadocs if you did not do that. You can try searching "java mp3 library" at google, or search sourceforge. Eliminating old/weak libraries may save you lots of time..

    Ignore my message if you think you have already made your research..

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