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    Default generate digram from XML

    Please i need help ,i developed java program that generate XML but i need any idea to generate digram from XML

    my xml
    <Subflow currentSubflowCode="200">
    <nextSubflowQueueName>MOBILY.FUNC.BULK.LD.INTERNAL .NETWORK.REQUEST</nextSubflowQueueName>

    <Subflow currentSubflowCode="201">
    <nextSubflowQueueName>MOBILY.FUNC.BULK.LD.INTERNAL .PORTAL.REQUEST</nextSubflowQueueName>

    <Subflow currentSubflowCode="202">
    <nextSubflowQueueName>MOBILY.FUNC.BULK.LD.INTERNAL .MEDIATOR.REQUEST</nextSubflowQueueName>

    <Subflow currentSubflowCode="202">
    <nextSubflowQueueName>MOBILY.FUNC.BULK.LD.INTERNAL .SIEBELASYNC.REQUEST</nextSubflowQueueName>

    ================================================== =
    my digram from this xml is attached
    xml is discribed as group of services that that each serive will call anther serice as tree
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