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    Default Storing local data?

    I'm writing a Java program, which connect to a IMAP and should store some data from the IMAP. Since it's a lot of data, I would not like to store is a Arrays inside my program (and memory) - but instead store them on the filesystem. Normally I would write the data to a database (SQL), but I cannot expect my users to have a local SQL server running.

    How can I store data on the filesystem? I must be able to search in the local data, which is very easy with a SQL database.

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    Give us more info...

    You are creating IMAP client?
    Is it gonna be web based application? If so, are you aware of security limits
    and things that you cannot do on client's machine? If not why not go with DBs like Derby or SQLite?

    Data is I guess a bunch of e-mail messages with some structure - subject, body...What GUI you gonna present to user with what options related to stored content - describe your use cases.

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